Diwali Celebrations Begin with Shopping


Diwali shopping in India is one thing you just cannot resist. Amazon has been a shopper’s favorite destination these days, and attracts shopaholics from all across and quite rightly so. From exciting deals to exclusive range of products, Amazon has a lot to offer to people from different income groups, tastes and requirements.


Celebration is of course one of the foremost reasons for consumer purchase during Diwali. This is the foremost festival season in India, traditionally a time for families to celebrate and indulge together. What better way to celebrate than to buy, share and devour goodies in the family? Indian sweets and savouries are top-of-mind categories bought for this purpose, since no celebration is complete without them.


Exchanging gifts is yet another key trigger for Diwali purchases. This is the season when we exchange gifts with our loved ones, relatives, business associates, friends; and also to postmen, handymen and household maids. Every society has its gifting week, and ours is Diwali.


Not merely are gifts the custom; they are expected and eagerly awaited, and their absence or inadequacy often leads to unbearable disappointment. Therefore, apart from the warm emotions associated with gifting, there is clear performance pressure on consumers who have to choose the right gifts for all key members of their personal ecosystem well in time. 


New clothes, wrist watches, perfumes and boxes of dry fruits are typically categories bought for gifting during this period. Many big purchases are deferred to the Diwali period because this is the time when people receive their annual bonuses from their employers, hence have wads of disposable cash to spend.


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